A Different Approach To Investment.

We invest with a long-term perspective, in sectors with a high potential where we can undertake business growth processes, thus improving our portfolio companies’ competitive position.


Our investment experience has enabled us to develop our own methodology for the companies’ transformation processes, with the following key features:

  • Work in close collaboration with the management team.
  • Sustainable medium-term growth plans.
  • Acquisition plans to improve competitive positioning.
    As a general rule, all our portfolio companies, acquire more than one company in their industry.
  • Flexibility in the transaction structure, adaptability to the seller’s needs.
  • Strong commitment of Sherpa Capital to the transactions, as the managers in charge of the decision-making process and the Investment Committee are actively involved in them.
  • High degree of security throughout the transactions thanks to transparency.
  • Independence from financial entities for the transactions’ closing.
  • Capacity to make new investments during the company’s holding period.


Our way of thinking and our work philosophy have proven to be the keys to our systematic success. We rely on the following principles:

  • Involve ourselves in the implementation of the best management practices through Sherpa Capital’s proven expertise in operational management, in order to maximise the company’s competitive position and its growth.
  • Leverage our experience and knowledge to team up with our portfolio companies so as to provide the necessary support and conditions for a change.
  • Listen, understand and deal with the situation from a pragmatic but also human and flexible point of view.
  • Be an active and long-term committed partner, both to the company and its staff.
  • Be transparent about transactions and management to build confidence.
Working with Sherpa Capital does not only ensure the necessary investment medium to structure the company, it also means collaborating with a team of professionals from a range of sectors who will take part in the project and endorse it.
Santiago Soler - CEO Horizons
With their methodology which creates value and transforms companies, they have enabled our organisation to adapt to the changing circumstances of its surrounding, thus improving business productivity and competitiveness.
José María Davila - CFO Cegasa
Their oversight over the management was more intense at the beginning, they have helped us to define the major lines of action and have withdrawn gradually, building confidence and letting the management team deal with the business according to the guidelines we had defined together.
Fernando Berniola Benita - CEO Polibol

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

En Sherpa Capital creemos firmemente que una inversión responsable contribuye a la creación de valor en la economía. Por esta razón, Sherpa Capital se compromete a incorporar consideraciones distintas de las puramente financieras, en concreto, consideraciones medioambientales, sociales y de gobierno corporativo (ASG), a su estrategia de creación de valor durante las distintas etapas del proceso de inversión (incluyendo, con la realización de due diligences específicas en materia de ESG como parte de la decisión de inversión, en la gestión de sus participadas y, por último, durante la desinversión). Además, estos criterios ASG forman parte del día a día de nuestra organización, y se integran en la relación de Sherpa Capital con nuestros empleados, inversores, socios, clientes y proveedores.

Sherpa Capital es firmante de los Principios de las Naciones Unidas para la Inversión Responsable (UN PRI por sus siglas en inglés). UN PRI es una red internacional de inversores que trabajan juntos para poner en práctica los Principios de Inversión Responsable. Su objetivo es comprender las implicaciones que la idea de sostenibilidad tiene para los inversores, y servir de apoyo a los firmantes de los UN PRI para incorporar estos temas en sus decisiones de inversión y en la gestión de sus participadas.

We adapt this way of proceeding to the range of investment situations in which we specialise.

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