SHERPA CAPITAL is the leading investment group in special situations in Spain with a capital of 30 million euros , specialized in investments in special and restructuring situations, providing the necessary financing, experience and management to ensure the competitiveness of the companies.

SHERPA CAPITAL’s objective is the long-term support of the company in today’s complex economic situation, investing in companies that are facing important challenges due to the economic environment or an extraordinary strategic, operational or financial situation.

SHERPA CAPITAL is an industrial investment group with long-standing vocation and whose investors are successful businesspersons in their respective sectors with an inclination to remain in the companies for a long term.

For this purpose we have 85 people, Spain’s largest team with experience in restructuring, both in SHERPA CAPITAL’s own team and thanks to our strategic alliance with IMPROVEN, a leading company in restructuring and improving competitiveness in medium-sized enterprises.